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Acorn Energy, Inc. is a holding company with two portfolio companies: OminiMetrix and DSIT Solutions Ltd.

OmniMetrix (http://www.omnimetrix.net)- provides systems that offer wireless remote monitoring and control for standby generators, pipelines and other critical equipment. Residential and industrial standby generators as well as turbines, compressors, pumps, pumpjacks, light towers and other industrial equipment are critical infrastructure that’s increasingly becoming monitored in Internet of Things applications. Given that OmniMetrix monitors all major brands of equipment, management believes it is well-positioned to be a competitive participant in this fast growing market. Acorn owns an 80% equity stake in OmniMetrix and consolidates its results of operations

DSIT Solutions Ltd. (www.dsit.co.il) - develops and produces sonar applications for the defense, HLS, energy and commercial markets. The company employs a world-class multi- disciplinary team of professionals that are skilled in the latest sonar and real-time technologies. DSIT products include: The Shield family of Diver Detection Sonars, Anti- Submarine Warfare and Hull Mounted Sonar systems, Portable Acoustic Ranges, Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis applications and sonar simulators and trainers. Acorn has a 41.2% equity stake in DSIT, and beginning in the second quarter of 2016 no longer consolidates DSIT's results of operations, but instead accounts for its investment in DSIT under the equity method.

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